2023 BOD Accomplishments




~1/27/2023 Website Update: Posted Documentation 2022 Profit & Loss 

2/13/2023 Elected 2023 Board Members Patrick Hamill, Don Patrick, Rosemary Martinez and Harold Smith

3/2/2023 Assigned Board Member Roles President: Patrick Hamill
Vice President: Harold Smith
Treasurer: Rosemary Martinez
Secretary: Don Patrick

3/6/2023 Met with ACC Informal Q & A session for new board members

3/6/2023 Website Update: Calendar Scheduled 'Meet and Greet' 

3/10/2023 Met with Louisa County Community Development Discussed electrical code violation. County issued fine for work performed with no permit and no inspection. Fines were removed after our discussion. Resulting in a $1,000 cost savings.
3/20/23 Website Update Opened 2023 Dues Online Payment Option

3/27/2023 2023 Dues Notification 1st notice via email

3/27/2023 Held Community 'Meet and Greet'  Provided an opportunity for the community to meet the new board members and express concerns in an informal environment.  

3/30/2023 Website Update: Posted Documentation 2023 Q2 Community/Member Meeting Agenda

3/30/2023 Website Update: Calendar Quarterly Meetings 

3/31/2023 Communication: Mail Board Positions
Quarterly Meeting Schedule

4/1/2023 Software Support Reduction: Canceled 'Live Bookkeeping'  Quickbooks monthly support charge, resulting in a cost savings of $1,600 cost savings for the remainder of 2023 and $2,400 cost savings for future years.  

4/6/2023 Drafted 2023 Budget

4/6/2023 Communication: Email Reminder 2023 Q2 Community/Member Meeting

4/16/2023 Communication: Email Reminder 2023 Q2 Community/Member Meeting

4/17/2023 Communication: Email Budget PDF of Budget Options

4/17/2023 Held Q2 Community / Member Meeting   
4/18/2023 Website Update: Posted Documentation

2022 Budget vs Actuals Report

4/21/2023 Communication: Email  Q2 Meeting Notes

4/21/2023 Website Update: Posted Documentation Q2 Meeting Notes

4/23/2023 Communication: Email: Meeting Notification Review Revised Budget and Vote

4/23/2023 Communication: Email: 2022 Dues Sent reminder emails to members who are 1 year behind on their dues

4/23/2023 Website Update: Added Page Neighborhood Classifieds
4/23/2023 Website Update: Added Page Reedy Creek Community Yard Sales
4/27/2023 Selected Date for Community Yard Sale June 3, 2023

4/27/2023 Social Media: Facebook & NextDoor Shared information about Yard Sale and Classifieds pages

4/27/2023 Community Event: 1st Annual Yard Sale Created Flyer and sent out email to members

5/4/2023 Communication:  Hard Copy of Due Invoice Sent via US Postal Service

5/5/2023 Beautification: Removal of Liberty signs

5/7/2023 Website Update: Posted Documentation 2023 April Balance Statement

5/8/2023 Financial: Adopted 2023 Budget 

2023 Budget
5/15/2023 Common Lot:  Finished installing playground equipment!  
6/3/2023 Event: 1st Annual Reedy Creek Community Yard Sale
  • Prompted Yard Sale on RCPOA Website, Facebook, Next Door and Newspaper. 
  • Designed and purchased signs to post on street corners. 
6/10/2023 Event: Hosted The 'Common' Grand-Opening  
6/13/2023 Met with RCPOA's Lawyer  Reviewed Revised Restrictive Covenants and discussed best practices for a POA and ACC
6/15/2023 Uploaded 2022 Audit Review Results 2022 Audit Review